Quality Management and Food Safety System


Consumers today are more demanding with the Quality and Safety of products and services. Divinis Agroproductos de Ourém SA implemented a Quality Management System and Food Safety, according to the norms NP EN ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000, in order to ensure more confidence of our clients and with the purpose of consolidating business growth at national and international level.


The FSSC 22000 is related to food safety, while ISO 9001 refers to quality. These two integrated standards will ensure product excellence from manufacturing, storage and transportation according to the expectations of our customers and consumers.


The implementation of these standards allows Divinis Agroproductos de Ourém S.A. to have a more organized and objective communication between all parties (employees, suppliers, customers and consumers), better optimization of processes and resources, improvement in the management of good manufacturing practice and the identification of hazards at all stages of the process as well as the definition of control measures at all stages of the process to ensure food safety.


Divinis Agroproduto de Ourém S.A., does comply with the legal requirements proposing to:


Practice quality management and food safety as a dynamic and evolving process, setting objectives for the management system, consistent with the organization’s strategic context and orientation, as well as for the food security;


Ensure the food safety of our products through the implementation of a food safety system, ensuring all channels of communication along the food chain;


To effectively satisfy the requirements and needs of our customers, Divinis is always focused on the Quality Management and Food Safety System implemented;


Invest adequately in the modernization of the Divinis image, products, packaging and production equipment in order to respond effectively to the constant change and evolution of the market;


Provide continuous training to employees to improve their capacity, motivation, qualification and valorization;


Provide a good working environment according with the requirements for hygiene and food safety, product characteristics and production capacity.

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