DOC - Medieval de Ourém

Abadia dos Tomarães

One of a kind, the ‘Medieval of Ourém‘ is a wine that’s still produced according to the same methods of the Cistercian Monks, for more than 800 years and exclusively in Ourém.

The designation “Medieval Wine” was created with the intention of preserving the original method, taught by the Cistercian Monks to the people of Ourém in the 19th century and is regulated by Governmental ordinance N. 167/2005 of February 11. Wines protected by this ordinance must come from certified vineyards, must be hand-made, wineries must be registered propose and are subject to control by the certifying entity.

So, this historic wine has become part of Ourém’s heritage, and its tasting should be understood as a cultural act, in which stands out it’s genuine and dignified aromas.

The Abadia dos Tomarães presents a rubi open color, with notes of red fruits.

Ourém Medieval Wine

Abadia dos Tomarães

It has an open ruby color and almond aromas of the caste Fernão Pires, going along very well with the aromas of the Trincadeira caste, which gives you notes of red fruits such as strawberry and blackberries. Balanced, soft when drinking, strong and at the same time buttery. Drinking it can evokes memories of the typical wines of Ourém, genuine and pure.

  • Denomination:
  • Caste:
  • Alcohol:
  • Volume:
  • Medieval Wine
  • Fernão Pires, Trincadeira
  • 13,5%
  • 750ml

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